No, it’s not the latest Pixar animation I am referring to. I am talking about this classic French dish from the Provence. However, about the movie Ratatouille, I think it’s gonna be a hit at the cinemas! Young and old would love it – it applies to the ediable Ratatouille too! I love it either as a side dish or as a meal on its own. Ratatouille is a stew vegetable dish.

So, it is very important to get the freshest produce, preferably organic. Not to forget, my Le Creuset cocotte never fails to make a good pot of Ratatouille. Ratatouille is such a special dish that you can prepare and eat in any seasons. I usually make a big portion of Ratatouille and keep it for a day or two. It tastes even better the next day!

Voila! Your Ratatouille is ready to be served. You can either serve ratatouille with rice, bread, steak, chicken or have it on its own. I had my ratatouille with Conchiglie (shells pasta). I added mushroom in my Ratatouille too, not the traditional way but hey, it still tastes good.

Provençal ratatouille



Yield: 4 persons


2 tbsp olive oil
2 onions, chopped
3 garlic clove, chopped
2 bay leaves
2 canned whole tomatoes
2 red peppers, chopped
1 aubergine, diced
2 courgettes, diced
some dried mixed herbs
salt and pepper


1. Put the olive oil in a pot over medium high heat and add the onions, garlic and bay leaves. Fry for about 5-6 minutes or until the onions start to soften.

2. Add the tomatoes, stir and cook for 2 – 3 minutes and bring to the slight boil. Then, add the chopped pepper, cook for about 5 minutes.

3. Add the aubergine and courgette and cook for 15 minutes over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper and add some dried mixed herbs.

4. Bring to a gentle boil and turn the heat to low and further cook for 30 minutes until all the vegetables are soft. Serve warm.