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Brussels, Belgium Part II


Brussels, Belgium Part II

Of course that’s not all! I still have more to tell. Very long-winded as usual. Anyway, the last day in Brussels. How fast was that? I thought I had just arrived! We woke up early as we wanted to make the most of it on this last day of our trip.

A not to be missed trip is to the Comic Strip Museum. Here, you can see the history of a very typical art form in Belgium. In the museum, you can find all the history of the comic strip production. There are two that I think I am familiar with, Tintin and The Smurfs. I think my sister used to read Tintin. She is a fan of the comic and I am the total opposite, I don’t really like it. I like to watch cartoons on the TV that’s why I know The Smurfs and really love them!

Next stop was The Chocolate Museum, Musee de Chocolat. This is where we catched all the best actions of chocolate making. The whole process isn’t simple at all and looks really time consuming. It takes time to make but less than 1 second to eat! I love chocolates but to a certain extend, only good chocolates. I don’t like chocolates that are too sweet, so Cadbury, Mars bars, Sneakers … etc are not something that I will buy to snack. Good chocolates are chocolates with high percentage of Cacao, that’s what I like, bitter sweet.

Our train to London was at about 4pm so left us a few hours to enjoy a bit more of the Belgian beers and the last minute of chocolates & beers shopping. Last but not least, our last lunch in Brussels. This time, it’s back to ‘t Kelderke. This restaurant is not spectacularly good but the location is strategic, it’s just at The Grand Place. So, this time, apart from the mussels, we shared Tete de veau, Calf’s head cooked in Tomato sauce – a typical French dish. I know it sounds a bit gross for some people but I really enjoyed this dish, tastes really good!

So, shopping was done, sort of. I bought some Speculoos – the traditional Belgian biscuits. I really love them. Apart from Speculoos, I bought a box of very unusual Earl Grey biscuits from Dandoy – a biscuiterie at The Grand Place. Ah, not to forget some bonbons from Les Berlandises. I bought some different flavours of sweets – figs, coconut, orange, raspberries, strawberries.. etc

It seemed the last day in Brussels was really sweet, wasn’t it? That’s why it makes this whole trip so sweet yet short. Brussels (or rather Belgium), I’ll be back!

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