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Ski Holiday – Isola 2000


Ski Holiday – Isola 2000

(Breeze & Soul was playing in the background)

The music gradually got louder and woke me up from my deep sleep. My vision was still blurry, trying to focus at the nearest object as hard as I could. Impulses from my senses were interpreted by my cerebrum that the alarm I set on my mobile went off and I was waking up in another city, la belle ville de Nice!

We left the hotel and made our way to la Promenade des Anglais. The rays of sunshine slowly broke the dawn as we strolled towards the direction of la Gare Routiere. I couldn’t stop but my eyes were glued to the Art Deco buildings as we walked pass them. They are mostly painted in bright colours. I reckon that they look even nicer during the summer!

There’s something special about Nice. In a way it shares the same postal code as my hometown. I was surprised when I first knew this. I thought this couldn’t be possible! Why in the world Nice and my hometown! And there I stood and thought, this city, amongst so many is just special to me.

Santa Azur bus was already waiting at the platform when we reached. The clock was almost ticking neuf heure moins le quart 09:45. We were on time, what a relief as this bus shouldn’t be missed! As there is no other option as cheap as €1 each way!

I had a little kip. Within seconds I opened my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised by a total different view of pine trees; steep, narrow and hilly road; cloudless sky; and snowy peaks. My heart skipped for a second. Such a spectacular view, I found it incredibly unbelievable!

We finally made it to Isola 2000. Not wasting any time, we checked-in to our studio flat and got our ski passes and ski equipments sorted. Since it was my premiere fois to ski, I decided to take an hour lesson to learn the basic. I did quite well actually being a real beginner and had to wear the ski boots which made me walk in a funny way, probably like the green giant! I have to admit that it was really an intense sport. Well, in the sense that it involves all parts of the body muscles, especially, hips, legs, and knees.

After a few hours spent at the beginner’s slopes, it was already 5pm. Everything shut at this time except the shops and restaurants. By then, we were dead tired. There wasn’t much to do at night except having dinner, reading some magazines then hit the sack to let the body to recuperate and prepare for the next 2.5 days of ski.

It was a real luxury to wake up with a spectacular view through the window. Another day blessed with good sunny weather. We hit the slopes again after having our continental breakfasts. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was shining like a fireball warming up the earth.

We were starving after spending much time on the slopes. We comfortably sat down at one of the restaurants, checked the menu and ordered our yummy lunch. The lunch came in really big portion. Salade Campagnarde and Spaghetti alla Carbonara were our selections. They were absolutely delicious. I love the salad! I am drolling now thinking of it.

The best place for lunch is Le Schuss, a restaurant d’altitude. They serve simple yet delicious food. Price wise, it is probably slightly more expensive than other restaurants due to its location, high up on the mountain (roughly 2400 metres) with priceless scenery!

Good time is always too short. The thought of packing and going back to the routine made my turned heart sour. This time to Sud de la France, then traveled 2000 metres above Mediterranean Sea was one of the most amazing experiences that will glue to my memory for a life time! I picked up a new sports that has truly motivated me to perform better next time on the slopes! When would be the next time to be on the slopes again, next winter I hope.


  • Christine says:

    Oh, what a lovely trip you had. I envy the time you had skiing and eating with such beautiful scenery all around. My car is also stuck in the snow like the one in your photo 🙂

  • Kristin says:

    i wanna play in the snow!!! no fair!!! where is my snowman? 🙂

  • [Christine] It was indeed a wonderful trip even if I fell a few times on the ‘piste verte’!! The scenery was just amazing, I lost my words when came to describe it! I hope you car is now out from the snow 🙂

    [Kristin] Yey, I played in the snow and fell! Not great, it hurt a bit! Anyway, I didn’t have the time to build your snowman. I wanted to build a small one but just didn’t have the energy to dig the snow. Next time, ok??

  • kate says:

    Goodness me … that is simply gr8 photography ! U have captures every essence of the place and of the season. Really admire your work , and ofcourse envy you for your trip. Stumbled onto your blog from Jaden’s.I’ll be dropping by often.

  • Kate, thank you for dropping by and comment. I just love the winter scenery! I’m sure I will have more to share with you next time! 🙂

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