The Asian Home Kitchen:
Fresh, vibrant dishes from Kuala Lumpur to Kyoto

Whether you fancy Korean fried chicken, a warming Bibimbap, spicy Dan Dan noodles, a hearty Rendang, a zingy papaya salad, Banh Mi on-the-go, or satisfying Masala Dosa, The Asian Home Kitchen has a quick, easy and delicious recipe for every craving.

From the simplicity and balanced elegance of Japanese sushi to the subtle boldness of Sri Lankan curries, more than 110 dishes in this cookbook show the huge variety and versatility of flavour from all over Asia. Packed with vegetables, fresh fish and nutritious herbs and spices, all the recipes are light, sumptuous and practical.

This is the new and updated edition of the award-winning Lemongrass and Ginger, featuring brand new recipes that celebrate commonly available ingredients and street food favourites. Leemei also provides a collection of essential tips and tricks, including how to cook any rice perfectly every time, and short recipes for over 20 different spice pastes, all taking 10 minutes or less to prepare, which are the key to ensuring an authentic fragrance at the heart of every recipe you make.

This is a newly updated edition of the award-winning Lemongrass and Ginger, which won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for “Best in the World” in the category of Best Blogger Cookbook. A selection of new recipes bring the new edition up to speed with current trends and make use of newly available ingredients in the UK and US.

Asian food is naturally packed with vegetables and highly nutritious herbs and spices. The 110+ recipes are healthy, balanced and celebrate fresh ingredients.

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