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Total Greek Yoghurt Recipe & Giveaways! (CLOSED)

I love yoghurt! I normally eat it as dessert but seldom use it in cooking. Recently, I got a chance to try out some Total Greek Yoghurtclassic full fat, 2% fat, and 0% fat. I was really excited about it as the only time I used Total Greek Yoghurt was a few months back, when I bought one tub and made the yummy recipe of Greek Yoghurt with Honey.


Of all yoghurt I have tried so far, I really like Greek yoghurt. The classic full fat Total Greek Yoghurt has got the creamiest texture of all. It was very very rich and not quite my cup of tea in eating it as a dessert. I see it more suitable to be used it in cooking (which I did, will share the recipe) than just eating it with a dollop of honey or fruit compote. However, others may share different opinion.

I personally love 2% and 0% Total Greek Yoghurt. Both are less creamy and they are lighter. When I say less creamy, it still has really good texture, not runny at all. That’s is why I think I love Greek yoghurt because of the body and texture it gives. Definitely more suitable to eat as a dessert. If you were to use in cooking, I would probably recommend 2% instead of the 0%. However, if you are health conscious and want just to add a little bit of body to your stews or curries, there’s definitely no harm to add the one with 0% fat.

Today, I will share with you a very simple recipe that I made using either 0% and 2% Total Greek Yoghurt. I have served them with poached nectarines – no hassle and a very simple yet delicious way to eat yoghurt. If you wish to try, please refer to the recipe below:

Well, apart from telling you of how I love and use yoghurt, I have got great news to share with you all. Yes, giveaways! I have got2 GOODY BAGS for you guys to win: Total Greek Yoghurt Cooler Bags with Total Greek Yoghurt recipe cards.



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