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Dou hua 豆花


Dou hua 豆花

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I had a sudden craving for Douhua/Dau Fu Fa- a dessert made with extra soft form of tofu few days ago.

Dou Hua- this chinese dessert brings back the good old memory of many years where there was this housewife in her late thirties, riding her old bicycle with a medium-sized wooden bucket at the back rack. Inside the wooden bucket, it was filled with freshly made Dou Hua and was still warm to be served. Riding passed each house and calling out “Dou Hua, Dou Hua….” so that to let the residents know it’s time for a dessert break in the afternoon, sit back, relax and enjoy a warm bowl of Douhua/Dau Fu Fa that’s usually served with clear sweet syrup or palm sugar syrup (gula melaka). I like both.

I gathered my mind back for a few seconds and thought how could I have forgotten the quick and easy recipe (or should I say the ‘cheating’ recipe?) that I got through my sister, which was given to her by her Mother-in-law. The original way of preparing this recipe is way too complicated and lengthy. Thus, the simplified recipe appeals to me so much that I can do this anytime and anywhere!

Give this a go if you had the sudden craving for Dou Hua! Bon Appetit!

Dou hua 豆花

Prep Time:

Cook Time:



For the Dou hua 豆花

Water, 4.5 bowls (about 450ml)
Agar-agar, 8gm

Soya milk, 5 bowls (about 500ml)
Evaporated milk, 170gm

C: (for serving)
Clear sweet syrup or palm sugar syrup.


1. Use two saucepans to slowly bring ingredients A and B to the boil.

2. Mixture A is considered ready when the agar-agar dissolves in the water.

3. Strain and mix A & B into a big bowl.

4. Scoop the mixture into ramekins.

5. Leave them for about 20-25 mins to set.

6. Serve with clear sweet syrup or palm sugar syrup (recommended).


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