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Summer Recipe: Summer Berries Smoothie

Yes, it’s boiling! Temperature above 3o°C can be said as boiling! A heatwave warning has been issued for England, with temperatures in some areas potentially rising as high as 32C (90F) in the coming days. It’s unusual to see this kind of headline in the newspaper, but, hey, sounds good to me! Hopefully, this summer will be much much better than last, which I don’t remember I saw the summer sun for more than 1 week?

During warm and humid days, I love cold drinks. Chilled smoothies are great! Since there are plenty of berries at this time of the year, I grab the opportunity to buy all the berries that I like and blend them to make into a glass of goodness! There are no rules to make smoothie. You use whatever fruits you like and blend them into the best drink ever! Ah, full of vitamins, of course! If you are on detox diet plan, smoothie is a must in your menu.  What kind of fruits would you use to make your smoothie?

Summer is colourful, warm and lively. Make this smoothie today!


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