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Langkawi – The Legendary Island


Langkawi – The Legendary Island

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy sun/beach holidays. I probably enjoy this kind of holidays more ever since living in the cold London and I do suffer from winter blues! My sister picked us up from KL. We were then in Ipoh for a day before cruising further north to my hometown. The stopover in Ipoh allowed me to have the chance to eat one of their famous dishes – Ngah Choi Kai (Chicken with Beansprouts). It has been years since I last had this hawker’s dish!

Ipoh is another heaven for food. There are so many things that are yummy and popular that people travel all the way from other states (especially Kuala Lumpur) to Ipoh to buy its famous Egg TartsTau Fu Fa/Dou Hua,and Yim Kok Kai (salted chicken – the chicken is baked in salt in such a way the skin and meat is so delicious when you eat it and you will finished it all. Whole chicken are wrapped in “oil paper” and then baked in large woks filled with heated salt). Obviously my favourites are Egg Tarts and Tau Fu Fa. Ah, I didn’t forget to buy the famous Chicken Floss (could be pork).

I felt so pampered and lucky when I had my first bite of the freshly made Egg Tart. The pastry was so light; the egg mixture was soft that it melted as soon as I put into my mouth. How delicious! (Try those from Nam Heong Restaurant in Old Town Ipoh, they are extremely good!)

We had wonderful time in my hometown – practiced golf at one of the nicest courses nearby (Ah, I got hole in one … yeah right, in my dream!), had nice local food and most of all great homemade food. I have been wanting to have Steamboat (Shabu-Shabu equivalent) for a long time, so my mom specially made a steamboat feast one night! All I could say is that I got so much of cooking inspiration after eating all the good food!

Since we were so near to the paradise, how could we miss this golden opportunity? We spent 3 days 2 nights in Langkawi at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. (Yeah, Westin again!) The hotel was previously called Sheraton Perdana. Just a few years ago, Starwood group bought over and refurbished everything and turned it into a paradise?

I couldn’t explain more how great the service was at the Westin Langkawi. They made the customers feel the importance of their existence. The moment we stepped in to the spacious lobby, we could see the endless Andaman Sea, so turquoise and calm. At the Westin Langkawi, the design approach is a mix of Balinese, Thai, and Malaysian. Hence, make it really elegant and special.

Just a few minutes away by golf buggy was the Westen Heavenly Spa. Very well decorated and I think it’s fair to say it has good standard as The Datai Langkawi. I don’t need to elaborate on the deco, you can see it for yourself. That makes you want to stay there forever.

If you want to do nothing but just to relax and enjoy the sun as that you have been to Langkawi Island and done the touristic stuff, I’d advise the following:

1. Book a good hotel with spa facilities;
2. Obviously to have easy access to the beach;
3. To have breakfast included in your package (as you wouldn’t want to even step out from the hotel);
4. To have at least one buffet dinner included in your package;
5. Of course, don’t forget your swimwear and bring plenty of sunscreen.

First time to Langkawi Island? And plan to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. You may want try the following:

Day 1
Rent a car/scooter to go around the Island. Check out some places of interest:

Day 2

Day 3

Time passed so quickly and it was the time when we had to leave the legendary island unwillingly and wished that we could extend our stay. However, good things always end beautifully. We couldn’t wait for the next destination!


  • Kristin says:

    Man oh Man… how jealous are you making me? That really looks so gorgeous…

  • Christine says:

    What an amazing time you had. The food, the sights… all wonderful.

    p.s. I need that hammock you photographed! 🙂

  • Nilmandra says:

    Wow, it’s must have been around 15 years since I was last in Langkawi. There must be many more hotels and resorts there now. I would love to go back and visit some day.

  • Christelle says:

    I very nearly went to Langkawi in June, but we ended up going to Penang, for Georgetown. We wound down at Batu Ferringhi (tired by our peregrinations) that was a bit of a letdown, especially compared to Langkawi! But we just rested and that was just for the last three days so that’s OK.. I could have stayed longer in Penang.
    Now when I talk about Malaysia I say: “Next time…” 😉

  • Christelle,
    If you want to relax near beach area, Langkawi is a better option then Batu Ferringhi. Next time, if you need to want to know where are the recommended places to go, feel free to ask me.
    So far, the rest Island I have been in West Malaysia is Perhentian – unspoilt, quiet, crystal clear water… OMG.. heaven!

  • Andrew says:

    Thanks for your kind words! Lankawi was the one place we wish we could have visited as it does look amazing. That said there are so many islands around Asia that I would love to visit.


  • mycookinghut says:

    There are many islands that I'd love to visit too… guess, there's always next time 😉

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