Yes, I made a drink that’s from South of France! It’s very easy to make this drink. All you need are Ricard, almond syrup, water, and ice cubes. The name is Mauresque.

You probably have heard of Ricard, the Pastis of Marseille, a very well known star anis flavoured liqueur from France. Mauresque is particularly popular during summer, when it’s nice and warm outside! (I know summer is over, but, hey it doesn’t matter, does it?) Normally, Mauresque is taken as an apéritif.

To make mauqesque, first is to fill a highball glass with some ice cubes, pour in 10ml of almond syrup, then about 40ml of Ricard. Finally, fill the glass with water. That’s how easy it is.

As I didn’t use highball glass, (which usually is used to serve this drink) I just pour the quantity based on my own estimation and liking (in a sensible way, of course!) By the way, DO NOT drink like this: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mk9c_boire-du-ricard-cest-tout-un-art_fun