London Black & White


Double decker buses, big ben and black cabs – these are how I had imagined London looked before I came to live here and become a Londoner. Strange enough, I have never had images of London looking grey and rainy. Having lived in London for several years now, I have never really captured London like most tourists do. I have always wanted to spend a day, be like a tourist with a camera, walking to just every corner of London to take some shots.

Observing and capturing the actions and expressions of people on the street, some dressed up smartly, whereas some were really casual. I want to do more! I need to be more brave and stay close enough when I want to take portraits. I think to start off, I will probably ask permission before. However, I haveΒ read about street photography is to take photos that are candid, and without permission. Perhaps, a few more practices, then I will do it without. I was wondering, when you take photos of people on the street, have you ever asked for permission?

Here are some shots of London in black & white. Some of them were initially shot in colour but I have used different B&W filters in Lightroom to produce better effect to the photos. Hope you guys will like them! Have a wonderful weekend!