Get Your Jelly On – Day 15: Non-Alcoholic Mojito Agar Agar


It has been glorious today! I woke up with lots of sunshine, most importantly dry. Instantly, I felt it would be a shame to stay at home all day! For the last few weekends, I spent most of my time in the kitchen, prepared the recipes for Royal Selangor – Get Your Jelly On– 30-day Challenge.

From time to time, I fancy some cold drinks with lots of ice. Growing up in a hot and humid country like Malaysia has got me addicted to icy drinks. Now that I am living in the UK, it may sound crazy if I tell you that I like to treat myself with some drinks with lots of ice cubes during winter! It’s mad but it gives me a real satisfaction, especially the first gulp!


When the weather is sunny and dry, it makes me feel like summer again. So, I thought a refreshing drink like Mojito would be great! Cuba is the birthplace of the Mojito. It contains white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and mint. The original Cuban recipe uses spearmint or yerba buena, a mint variety very popular on the island. Mojito is such a refreshing drink – with a bit of sweetness and taste of citrus and mint flavours – a true summer drink!


Today, I made a non-alcoholic mojito agar agar, using Royal Selangor Pewter Jelly Mould. It is really simple, the ingredients include lime, mint leaves, sugar and mojito syrup. And of course agar agar to set it. It does give a nice taste of mojito even without alcohol. A very refreshing dessert!


Non-Alcoholic Mojito Agar Agar

Yield: 1-2 persons


150ml water
2 tbsp mojito syrup
1 tbsp sugar
2g agar agar powder
a small handful of mint leaves, reserved a few leaves for garnishing
1 lime juice, reserved 2 slices for decorating


1. Put the water, mojito syrup and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil and until the sugar has dissolved. Add the agar agar powder, stir until dissolves. Then, remove from the heat.

2. Add the lime juice and mint leaves in the syrup and let infused for about 5 minutes. Remove the mint leaves. Pour the mixture into the jelly mould and set aside to let cool. When it becomes slightly tacky, put slices of lime slices and mint leaves using a pair of chopstick. Put in the fridge and let it set completely.