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Back On Track!


Back On Track!

I stared blankly at my keyboard that needed a little bit of cleaning and polishing. It has been far too long.

I clicked on the dashboard on the admin panel, only 4 posts were written in 2014 since I moved to Hong Kong. Is there a mistake? Is that even true? It’s not what I had planned! My worst nightmare has come true! Yes, admit it. You are a slacker! You abandon your blog, which you once checked in so frequently and kept things up to date. Now, you are dragging yourself, finding it so hard to even type the first word since April. You have distanced yourself from the blogoshpere.

But, I still do post photos on Facebook and Instagram. So, I am not entirely inactive in the blogging scene? “Don’t come out with all sorts of excuses!”

I have tried a few times. Each time, I ended up switching off the screen and told myself, “I will do it next week.” Days, weeks, then months passed by. I ended up with no new post. Things have been accumulated for months; there are too many things to catch up on, but, where do I start? It’s probably not the first time for me asking myself that question, it sounds too familiar. It is different this time. I neglected my blog for the past 5 months! I am stuck. I am in the middle of no where that I need direction and purpose. I need to fuel myself, to get back on track! I need to wake up the old Leemei, telling her that she has got plenty to do and she needs to start somehow…

I find it more difficult to write this post than writing a recipe. I have been struggling which and what to post after such a long absence. I could just throw in a backlog but I choose not to. Why? It’s too impersonal. I want those who read know how I feel about my lack of posting and how I have been. I miss “this is how I feel” sort of sharing moments. I couldn’t figure out or even recall how I came off track. Was it pure laziness or change of environment that made me feel like I still needed time to settle in? I think another reason is also a personal one. I remember Ju from The Little Teochew mentioned in her latest post about the reasons for food bloggers to blog a lot less or just went MIA – either having a baby or writing a cookbook. For me, it was the former. 🙂

Right. Now that I have progressed a few paragraphs, I feel slightly better that at least, there is one very good reason that I have identified amongst others that I don’t even remember/know. I haven’t lost my passion in writing my blog. I might have just struggled with the longest writer’s block!

In about 2 months’ time, it will be a year since we move to Hong Kong. Time really flies! I haven’t really realised that we have been living here for 10 months. Some stuff have changed – I notice we eat out more often than we used to. I cook from time to time and I have only baked once since. There is a lot of stories to be told about our lives here in Hong Kong. But, I will not squeeze everything into this post. I will plan out my postings, now that I am back – with more energy I hope!

P/S: I know the featured photo is not even relevant to this post, but I just have no idea what to put! As you could imagine, my camera has been resting for months!


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