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Pray for Japan


Pray for Japan

It would soon be one year since I last visited Japan. Just 3 days ago, I couldn’t believe of what I heard and saw about the earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan. A lot of devastating images and videos, both online and on the TV showed how the angry black water uprooting houses and cars were washed away by strong currents as if they were toys.

This natural disaster has caused more than 2,000 people dead and some 2,000 are injured. The number of confirmed dead is expected to rise to around 10,000. Disheartened. Now, there’s a fear of a meltdown of the reactor of the quake-sticken Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima. What I can do now is to pray and hope that nothing more major will happen.

Let’s just pray for Japan. Let’s do it if we can help in any way to make donation: Japanese Red Cross Society.


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