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Win A Free Cookbook!


Win A Free Cookbook!

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to Chinese cooking and would like to learn how to cook some simple Chinese dishes OR have already got the skills and knowledge in Chinese cooking but would like to add a NEW cookbook to your existing collection; then, keep on reading.

As Beijing Olympic is drawing near, just about 2 weeks away, I have a brand new copy of Simple Chinese Cooking by Kylie Kwong to be given away for free!! As you may know, Kylie Kwong is a well-known chef, author, television presenter and restauranteur. If you have watched her series of cooking program, I am sure her food has made your mouth water. Even if you have not watched her cooking program, you’ll love her book and recipes!

It is a nice book, well written and presented with plenty of photographs and very easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions. In a jiffy, you’ll be cooking Sweetcorn Soup, Prawn Fried Rice, Sichuan Chicken Salad, Prawn Wontons, Crispy-Skin Runny Eggs, Sweet and Sour Pork and more.

So, how to win? It’s very simple. All you need to do is to leave a comment telling what is your favourite Chinese dish(es) and why.  I will randomly draw a winner for this cookbook. Wherever you are from, this book will be sent to you!

All the comments must be submitted by 08:08:08 (GMT) on 08/08/08! Good Luck!


  • Michael says:

    Hey! My favorite asian dish is simple fried noodles, quick and easy to make after a long working day !

  • dapan says:

    sweet & sour pork. my all time favourite dish since i was kid, a prefect summer dish. ^_^

  • syrie says:

    Well I don’t think I can stop at just one…I love Peking duck and I also love Ci fan, a roll of sticky rice filled with crispy Chinese donut, pickles and pork fluff. I could eat it every day.

  • Kevin says:

    My favorite Chinese dish is mapo tofu. It is nice and spicy and full of flavour.

  • Soup – most nutritious dish especially Cantonese soup which requires long-hour of cooking

  • Al says:

    It’s so hard to choose one but I would have to go with chow mein with shrimp and lots of vegetables. It’s a whole meal in one dish and so satisfying.

  • jan says:

    My most memorable meal in a Chinese restaurant consisted of light fluffy steamed dumpling stuffed with pork and duck.

    The only trouble was I chose the Chinese toffee apples for desert,small round balls of apple covered with clear toffee then dropped into iced water, because it was the first time I had been on a date with my husband I told him to order a bottle of Lai Ying Chinese wine, I was trying to impress him with my knowledge, as I had two weeks working in a wine ordering firm!

    I popped the toffee apple into my mouth, savouring the delicous ice cold toffee, bit down into the apple and swallowed…the pain oh the pain, the apple was still red hot,
    I grabbed the bottle of wine and gulped the whole bottle..much to the amazement of the waiter and my husband.

    Until the day he died he asked me if I remembered that meal!

  • Kristin says:

    I love chicken chow mein and egg fried rice and sweet and sour pork and… i just love food 🙂 i also enjoyed the dim sum, but that would be because i got to taste lots of different things…

  • Ira says:

    My favorite chinese dish is “chinese steamboat”

    Standing behind the kitchen bar to prepare the marinated stuffs and veggie of steamboat is great fun too me and being a siner of every “chinese steamboat” is not a guiltiness

  • Carol says:

    my favorite chinese dish is pork riblets steamed with black beans and garlic….over white rice

    chinese homestyle dish at its best!!

  • Hey guys,
    It’s very interesting to learn what your favourite dish(es) are!

    Just a note, the draw will take place on 09/08/2008. I will then post the result!

    So, remember to check back on my blog!

  • Haley says:

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  • kate says:

    its would be really unfair to pick just one dish frm the entire Chinese cuisine. Its impossible actually, but what i’ll do is tell you that i adore Yum Cha …CANTONESE STYLE 🙂

  • anuska says:

    I like all types of asian dishes…..but I can never resist sweet and sour chicken….whit lots of pineapple…. 🙂

  • Tina says:

    My favorite is really cream cheese wantons or potstickers.

  • yellowlinen says:

    Hello MCH,
    My very favorite chinese dish is steamed (very fresh) pomfret fish, with sliced spring onions, ginger, mushrooms, red chilies and soy sauce. Before serving, pour on fish: wok heated cooking and sesame oil. This dish is delicious, appertizing and comforting with its sweet juices.

    Love your blog and photography work!

  • Yumm… I can see some of my favourites dishes mentioned.. I love dim sum, that’s for sure. Steamboat is another all time favourite and it’s always never a miss when I go back home in Malaysia; my mom prepares steamboat with lots of free ingredients – from seafood to different types of tofu & fishballs….
    Ah! Fish!! pomfret fish. I think I can only get frozen ones at Chinese Supermarkets 🙁

  • Nate says:

    So unfair to make us choose just one favorite Chinese dish.

    But if there can be only one, it must be won ton gon loh mein. Noodles, won tons, a little char siu on the side, maybe some choy sum…that’s all you need!

  • Nate,
    I know it’s hard to tell favourite dish. Won ton gon loh mein…. yummm.. that is one of my favourite dishes.. there are just too many dishes that I like 🙂

  • Laura says:

    I love so many dishes. My favorite has to be noodle dishes like chow fun and chow mein.

  • Rachael says:

    One of mine will be pork & deep fried yam dish. We call it “Kiew Nyuk” in hakka.

  • AhMoi_Msia says:

    Chinese dishes…..I love Sweet & Sour pork and Teow Chew Steam Fish..yum yum.. For Sweet and Sour pork, the fried pork cube must be crispy.

  • I don’t have this book and I wanted it.

    My favorite Chinese dishes–gosh, this is so hard as I love so many of them–are steamed fish (no one can do fish better than Chinese, in my opinion), dim sum (every single item is an art), noodles (soup or fried), Chinese BBQ meat (need I say more?).

    OK, there you have them! 😉

  • Nabeela says:

    My favorite Chinese dish is the yangzhou fried rice 🙂

  • beachlover says:

    oh!! I want this book!! I miss Kylie when she was in Malaysia..I love chinese cooking as myself a chinese.Rice and noodles are staple food for me in my daily meal.Why??.chinese food are more diverfisied!!..Hope I can get this book:P

  • Lan says:

    i don’t know what this dish is called but i loooooove black duck. my father used to make it for thanksgiving (no turkey for us!) it’s immersed in a broth… i’m pulling up flavors: ginger, scallions, soy sauce … it’s so good!

    kylie used to be on Discovery Home network here in Baltimore, Maryland but that channel got switched to something Green and she’s not on the food network. i’ve always liked her.

  • Mary says:

    I love Zhajiangmian – Chinese black bean noodles! I love to slurp it up, but need to set extra napkins on the table everytime we eat it!

  • arienne casebier says:

    There are so many favorites… If I had to pick one, it would be Shanghai Soup Dumplings. I had my first intro to them several years ago in NYC, and it was ethereal. The steaming, burn your face off broth inside the tender dumpling, makes my mouth water. I have since left NYC and have these constant *borderline obsessive* cravings for them. I have been lucky enough to make it back to the city once or twice a year, and ALL of my free time is spent in Chinatown.

  • judyfoodie says:

    I have many favorite Chinese dishes, but when it comes to pure comfort food nothing is better than Cantonese Chow Mein. Not fancy or anything but way comforting. Sticky rice with chinese sausages, tiny dried shrimp and black mushrooms is a close second.

  • Audrey says:

    Hi :)! I’d love to have this book!

    My favorite dish is Spicy Szechuan fried beef noodles. We have a restaurant called “Sichuanese” here in Bellevue, WA. While it’s great that we have such convenience of ordering whenever we have a hankering for spicy Chinese food; but since I have a 4 year old whom of course does not eat spicy food, we usually ended up ordering non spicy noodles for all of us. I finally figured out how to make this dish and it takes just a few minutes to prepare it. Marinade some sliced flank with loads of minced garlic, some oyster sauce, some rice wine, and some soy sauce. Then get the wok piping hot, add some oil, slightly brown the beef, dish out and set aside. Add a lil’ more oil to the wok, throw in some chunky noodles, stir them up, add lil’ soy sauce or salt, splash in some rice wine, add in beef and stir again until noodles look nicely stirred. Dish out a small portion for my 4 year old. Then here is the spicy part, add about 1-2 tsp of “lau kan ma” chilli sauce (this is the main ingredient in my opinion). Then add some chopped cilantro before dishing up! There you have it, a dish for all in the family!


  • betechen says:

    Meu nome é Elisabete e sou filha de chineses. Moro em Santos, Brasil.
    Os pratos que mais gosto são chao mein, char siu, siu mei e cha ming hsia.
    Adoro o seu programa, mas aqui no Brasil só passava em um canal a cabo.
    Agora não passa mais.

  • Anamika says:

    liking for chinese dishes is new foe me as i discovered the taste recently..thanks to my husband who is a foodie and loves chinese food a lot. wish i could get this book…so that i can acquire the skills to cook chinese cuisine and make him smile!!!

    • mycookinghut says:

      Thanks for dropping by! I wish that you would have seen the post when the competition was on! I will share more Chinese recipes on my blog.. 🙂 Please stay tune.

  • manemmy956 says:

    My favorite food to eat is roast duck noodle soup. No matter what this soup will cure all that ales you it is better than any antibiotic you can buy. When my mom was sick and dying it is the only food that could bring a smile to her face…