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Reflection On The 30-day Challenge & Giveaway Winner Announced


Reflection On The 30-day Challenge & Giveaway Winner Announced

On the 31st October, I woke up and carried on with my daily routine. Somehow, I realised something was missing. I felt like I forgot to do something. Trust me, it was that intense that I stayed up late a few times to get my recipe done for the Royal Selangor – Get Your Jelly On– 30-day Challenge. There were also a few times that I woke up early to check if my jelly set ok and it was ok for me to take photos while the morning sun was shining.

For a few seconds, I felt a sense of relief as if someone just helped me to lift a big very big object off my hands. On the other hand, I kind of missed the buzz of making recipes and the daily blogging routine! Haha. We human beings are weird, we complain about certain things that we do, then we somehow miss them when we no longer have to.

Well, I have to admit that I do enjoy the moments when I don’t have to be so stressed out, making sure I publish a post on a daily basis. Now that my blogging scene is back to normal. I need to start thinking of what recipes to make and share with you all. Even better if you tell me what recipes you would like me to make. Please leave a comment, telling me if you have any specific dishes that you want me to make and post on my blog, that would be brilliant! I know that I have a few guest blogging invitations to attend to, so, please bear with me!

Of course, I haven’t forgotten to randomly pick the winner for the Olympus VG-110 camera! I am happy to announce that the randomly drawn number is 148, which is comment number 148 that goes to Katherine A! Congrats, Katherine!


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