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Pearl Royal Coconut Water


Pearl Royal Coconut Water

Quite a while ago, I came across Pearl Royal coconut water that I fell in love with because of its really nice and cute packaging – looks just like a coconut! I first saw this product at Selfridges in London and couldn’t help myself but bought a few. Not only the packaging is nice, the quality of the coconut is top-notch – it tastes really fresh like you are drinking the coconut water from a real young coconut.

I then did a research on this product and found out that Pearl Royal is a company that is based in Thailand and produces 100% coconut water from the best young coconut sourced in Thailand. They use special method to preserve the coconut water’s quality, flavour and taste. There is no sugar added to the coconut water and thus a healthy drink.

The original packaging is the 200ml one that comes in coconut shape which is biodegradable (the raw material is made from Tapioca). It now also comes in Tetra pack, aluminium can and bigger coconut shape (310ml).

I know it was a while now that I didn’t mention – for our wedding, I decided to have this attractive looking coconut water (200ml) as one of the items for the goody bags given out to the guests upon their arrivals. I thought it was nice as the weather in Langkawi could be pretty hot and humid! Of course, the very attractive packaging is perfectly suitable to be a great souvenir! And the green colour on the packaging fits the colour scheme of my wedding overall! All the guests did seem to enjoy the coconut water. I think it’s a great product!


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