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Dorset Cereals Giveaways! (CLOSED)


Dorset Cereals Giveaways! (CLOSED)

Remember my Muesli breakfast post about Dorset Cereals? Since the giveaways, I received emails and comments from some of the lucky winners, giving me feedback about Dorset Cereals products. I was told how good the cereals were and they were happy to have been able to try. One of the many feedbacks that I received was ” I just love the Dorset Cereals bars, I ate it everyday and didn’t realise that I finished all of them in just 2 days!”

In the UK, I can get Dorset Cereals latest products as soon as they are in the market. I gather that in some countries, it may be difficult to find this brand of cereals or that certain products are not available. No worries! Dorset Cereals has kindly sponsored some cereals again!

I want to take this opportunity to say ‘THANK YOU’ to Katie from Dorset Cereals for sponsoring some of their great products to be given away! As Christmas is drawing near, this is definitely a great time to share these excellent products from Dorset Cereals!

This time, the giveaways from Dorset Cereals are:

Prize 1 to 4: DORSET CEREALS – Exotic Pineapple & Papaya with Toasted Coconut

Prize 5 to 8: DORSET CEREALS – Berries & Cherries Bars

Prize 9 to 12: DORSET CEREALS – Fruit, Nuts & Seeds Bars

Prize 13 to 16: DORSET CEREALS – Super High Fibre Bars

To win any of these, all you have to do is to leave a comment, tell me if you like cereals and why? Then, amongst all the comments received on this post,I will randomly draw the winner for each prize! Please make sure that you leave your comment by the 3rd December, 2009, Thursday. Good luck!

Images obtained from Dorset Cereals


  • gertrude says:

    I eat cereal here in the US because I can't get my dose of Nasi Lemak, roti canai and chee cheong fun 🙂 I like my cereal with cold milk and a banana.

  • Ni says:

    Pineapple and papaya – sign me up, please. *o*

  • peachkins says:

    I love crereals for breakfast because they give a much needed energy boost and they're just so yummy!

  • Wendy says:

    I really like cereals for breakfast. They're generally tasty, healthy and fast!

  • Lubna Karim says:

    Oh wow…that sounds yum….happy hosting the giveaway…

  • beachlover says:

    leemei,I got the cereal bar you send and it's really taste great better than the one we had..The healthy bar we had here is so sweet !! I bought some cereal bar for Mishu to eat while we not at home on her specila diet..I wonder why she love the cereal bar,then taste it,wow!! so sweet one,no wonder she love it!

  • Chin says:

    I love cereals! They taste great, have a good combination of fruit and carbohydrate and when I eat them I know that I'm eating healthily 😉

  • Tan Siew Moy says:

    I love cereals because they are packed with all the good thing and it is so easy to take them. When I first bought a pack of Dorset Cereals, I was actually taken in by the rustic packaging but glad to find out the taste is even better!

  • Michelle says:


    By eating Cereals as a breakfast, it does not just filled up your stomach. It start your day with energy and is a fiber food. With cereal bars it is much more convenience to eat. I have won the 8th prize during the muesli breakfast post. After tasting it, I love it so much that I went to almost the big Supermarkets in towm to find this brand. I was very disappointed that I could not find them in any of the supermarkets here. I really hope that this time I could be as lucky to win the prize again as I miss it so much.



  • I can only gawk from so far away …

  • John K. says:

    I want one of those !!!!

  • celine says:

    cereal was the only thing my mum gave me for brekkie since young (3+ years old), and its the only brekkie that i am having now too, and i simply love it. can't imagine having anything else!! my hubby thinks i am a bore….

  • Debbie says:

    Cereals are a great way to start the day, fast, tasty and full of energy. They keep you going for a long time!

  • Dewi says:

    You know what? Dorset brand is my favorite of all and the only cereal I eat in the morning. I just can't find the same high quality ingredients with other brands. I love the packaging too.

  • Christine says:

    To kick start my morning, I usually have cereal or muesli. It gives me energy to start the day. I've not try Dorset cereals and would really like to be given opportunity to taste this fibre rich super food.

  • Jess says:

    I live on cereal! I eat it every day for breakfast

  • AnnaLyon says:

    I love cereals as long as they’re not too sweet: they’re wholesome, filling, and crispy!

  • wizzythestick says:

    Cherries and berries is my favourite blend from Dorset cereals but they are very expensive here.

  • jeska says:

    Mmmmm…I can eat cereal any time of day. It just never gets tiring.

    …I think I'll go eat some right now.

  • Patty says:

    Hello there,

    I like cereals because they are not only a fast and easy breakfast, but also are great for eating at any time of the day. I actually think cereal tastes better at night, but that's just me!

  • Amy says:

    I love cereals so much.. as well as cereal bars!! Love them.. I can't live without eating cereals every morning.. !!

  • Mei Yin says:

    I have been eating cereals for a long time… for breakfast and even for dinner sometimes LOL!!!!

  • Hanson says:

    Woww.. I would like to win!! I love the exotic cereals. I eat cereals every morning and my cereals are going to run out soon!!!!

  • Deb Harriss says:

    love cereal, especially if not topo sweet, i like a handful straight out of the box with my cuppa!

  • winifredrose says:

    my husband and i take dorset cereal for breakfast for their goodnest ,but most of all.they are fast to prepare,not time consuming

  • food-4tots says:

    I'm glad that I can find them in Singapore. Still haven't tried "Exotic Pineapple & Papaya with Toasted Coconut". The ingredients used are of high quality. This is the best we have so far.

  • tigerfish says:

    This cereal is so expensive in Singapore!!!

  • Lily says:

    I love cereals!! Its healthy and so tasty! Nuts, fruits and seeds… all are my favourites xD

  • Cas says:

    Pretty interesting combination of cereal.. pineapple, papaya and coconut!

  • Vivien says:

    i like cereal because it gives me fibres which my body needs.

    Vivien from Malaysia

  • Chaitali says:

    I love cereal! I can't imagine starting my day without my bowl of frosties with sliced strawberries and cold milk.

  • Cari Snell says:

    Mmm! Love these cereals! Work great in granola bars!

  • moksa says:

    cereal….wow this food is one of many option for me to eat healthy food. I used to eat plain cereal..and sometime I use different topping to increase the taste of the cereal such as banana and chocolate. This food can make me stay fit and I can manage my weight. Stay fit Stay healty with cereal.

  • Delia says:

    Dorset Cereals… I have tried a couple of them but not the exotic cereals… sounds like a good idea!

  • Laurent says:

    J'aime les cereales!! J'aimerai une boite!!!

  • hayley says:

    I love love love cereal! Its super easy and tasty! I try to buy the healthier varieties with less sugar though. This looks like a brand I would love to try!

  • lynn says:

    Hi would you mind telling me where can I het it in Singapore ?
    I cant find it in cold storage nor fairprice 🙁
    kindly send a email to me please
    thank you 🙂

    • mycookinghut says:

      Dear Lynn,
      I am not sure where you can get Dorset Cereals in Singapore.
      My fellow food bloggers based in Singapore, does any of you know?

  • The only place I found Dorset cereal is in Mustafar Centre, but it’s so crowded I hate going there 🙁 Anyone know any place else?

  • eleri says:

    These cereals are fab with yoghurt and fresh blueberries. Great energy start to the day.