It has been a steep learning curve being a mom. It hadn’t been easy for the past few months. Sometimes, when I had a bit of spare time, I would catch up some sleep that I hadn’t much. I never knew I would be sleep deprived! It may sound like a hard work, but the effort is well worth, especially when you see how the little one grows up and progresses so quickly! I’m sure all moms out there will agree with me!

When time doesn’t allow me to be in kitchen, takeaway is the option. Recently, I came across Foodpanda, a website that connects you to a staggering selection of delivery restaurants around you. It’s an absolutely lifesaver as sometimes I’m just too lazy to leave home! I can just browse at my own sweet time and decide what to have for my lunch/dinner. Ordering food is really easy! Basically, you just have to follow the following steps:


On its landing page, the quickest way to oder is to enter your location and it will list out all the restaurants that deliver to the said address. Besides, popular cuisines and top restaurants are shown on the landing page too and these would give you some ideas what you could order.

I like to enter my location first and see what my choices I get. The listing of restaurants can further be filtered by cuisines i.e. Chinese, Japanese, etc OR types of restaurants i.e. vegetarian, new restaurants, etc.  There is link to each restaurant’s menu. Useful information such as estimated duration taken for delivery, delivery cost and minimum spent required are stated. By clicking on the restaurant’s menu brings me to the menu page. The categories of the menu makes it easier to “jump” to a particular category instead of scrolling.

The ordering process is really easy and self-explanatory. It’s graphical and logical too. Once the order is made, it can be easily retrieved in ‘my order’. I love the concept of what foodpanda has to offer – by bringing good selections of restaurants. It makes takeaway experience better and easier!

Great news for those who read this – I’ve teamed up with Foodpanda to offer each reader a discount voucher valued at HK$50. The voucher code is PANDAMCH and is only available for online payment. The first 50 lucky readers will be able to apply this code that is valid until 31st May 2015.

For those with smartphone, you can also download the app from the following links: