My Cooking Hut – New Design & Cookbooks Giveaways! (CLOSED)

Hi all! Don’t worry, you are on the right blog, but just with a different look! I have been wanting to write this post for the longest time ever! Finally, the new design for my blog is ready to go live. I thought it’s time to give a little bit of face lift since the last upgrade was almost 3 years ago! I have been involving and working on this for the past few months – all the way from defining the requirements to implementation. Thanks to Lindsay from Purr Design for the coding and design! It has been a great experience.

Let me run through the new stuff with you:

1. New logo – I have always wanted to give My Cooking Hut a more personalised look, thus, I thought a nice header/logo would be proper. I have chosen the concept of having a wok with a modern look as I use wok a lot in my Asian kitchen, even cooking some western food! The tagline remains the same – “foods, travels, recipes”, as this is what My Cooking Hut is about.

2. Social links – On the top right, you can keep yourself updated with the latest posts by subscribing to RSS feed or email. Also, you can connect with me via Twitter and Facebook.

3. Weekly picks – These are the recipes that are chosen on a weekly basis, featuring some previous yummy posts.

4. Archives – you can search the recipes by year and date on the sidebar.

5. Search recipes – you can enter text to search for all the recipes.

6. Recipes by category – I have categorised the recipes with more creative phrases and each category is represented by an image. You can also search this on the sidebar.

7. Recipes by cuisine – You can browse the recipes by the type of cuisine. This is also available on the sidebar.

8. Recipes by technique – You can also search the recipes by the method of cooking.

9. Recipes by ingredients – This allows you to search the recipes by the main ingredient.

10. Everything else – This category is meant for anything else that are not recipes related such as food & travel, restaurant reviews, photography, giveaway and general announcement/topic. It is also available to browse at the bottom of the page.

11. Print recipe – You can print recipe by clicking on the printer icon on the recipe section of the post.

In line with the launch of My Cooking Hut’s new design, I have 2 cookbooks to give away!


Giveaway 1: Ginger Pig – This book is dedicated to meat lovers with yummy recipes and photos.




Giveaway 2: Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook – This book is aimed to get people into the kitchen with fun and no-stress recipes. Showcasing down-to-earth approach to cooking with freshest seasonal ingredients.





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