Free-range chicken

It has been more than 2 months since I last posted one of my favourite recipes using free-range chicken.

I wonder how many of you now buy free-range chicken? Or do you still think that there is no difference between a 2 for £5 chicken and a free-range?

I have been invited by Kate from A Merrier World, to submit a post for ‘Let Them Eat Chicken’ food blogging event in creating awareness of conditions in the broiler chicken industry. I have chosen to submit this post – Late Sunday Lunch – Maple Roast Chicken as my entry. Yes, I loveLabel Rouge.

I am sure everyone is aware that food cost has increased and you would probably tell me that the budget is tight and it’s not a good time to buy free-range and you would stick to the ‘good-old’ cheapo chicken? And that you can’t really justify why you should switch to free-range. Whatever your reason would be, I think it’s important to treat yourself good, to eat fresh and good quality of food. What you need to do is just to cut down some ‘junks’ that you usually have on your shopping list.

Nothing is impossible. I’m pretty sure you could cross out a few items from your shopping list and allocate the budget – those few more £ or or to purchase free-range chicken.

Having encouraged everyone,  are there more supplies at the supermarkets? Have the supermarkets done enough to make more free-range chickens available. I still believe there’s still not enough work done by the supermarkets. I feel that free-range chickens have somehow been made like ‘seasonal’ food. I do see them (not as many as the industrial chickens) on the shelves but sometimes, I don’t see them at all. This is usually at the smaller supermarket branches, for e.g. Tesco Metro.

I believe supermarkets play vital role in creating more public awareness to purchase free-range chickens and try to cut down selling industrial chickens. Note, I said ‘cut down’ because I think it’s a personal choice. No one can be forced.

But, if you love yourself and your love ones, you should care for your health and theirs. What’s more? Think of the chickens that you eat. Would you prefer to eat chickens that live in good conditions, or would you rather eat those that are kept in the barns and never see the daylight? If £5, $5, €5  or more to spend on free-range chickens, which can lead you to a healthier life and make us ethical consumers, why not?

Still not convince? Read this post, and the last I want to you read is this…my verdict on free range chicken… for this occasion, it’s based on Label Rouge (Red Label) free range chicken from France.

  • Less fat.
  • Distinctive taste.
  • More juicy.
  • Thin and translucent skin.
  • Firm flesh yet not tough.

Overall rating for the quality: 9/10