Classic Malaysian Dish


….. she looked at the clock and dragged herself up immediately from the comfy sofa. She slowly picked up her speed running towards the kitchen with the thought that it was the chance not to be missed. Without much effort, she was tip-toeing into the kitchen. Instantly, a pungent smell travelled through the nostril and caused her sneezed a few times.

She walked near to her mom and asked, “What are you making tonight, mom?” She replied in a motherly voice with a grin while grinding some ingredients in a much professional way, “It’s something that you love.”

She giggled and clapped. She knew what it was going to be. A slight pause, she then continued, “Is that all?” “Of course not, there are another 2 dishes. But, I am preparing one of your favourites first.” A sudden warmth filled her heart and smile brightened up her face. She jumped, attempting to give her mom a big hug.

“Knock…knock..” It sounded like someone was knocking on the door. The fading noise became louder in seconds. “Wakey! Wakey!” Ahhh… was it a dream? No, it wasn’t. I just fell into a deep thought (again!) while thinking through what I wanted to post. It was one of the scenes back in many many years ago, but still plays vividly in my mind.

So, pungent smell, huh? Something gotta do with chilies, no doubt about it. The title tells you a bit about it too! What is it? Tell me! Tell me!

Well, below are some of the major ingredients… 1,2,3…. have a guess?