Have you ever felt too lazy to do anything on a Saturday/Sunday morning? Or that you have slept too much that it makes you feel more tired than before? Sometimes, we just need to pamper our body and give it a little bit of a boost. It’s really simple. I do this from time to time and I think it’s good to have detox day. It’s just like a car needs MOT on a yearly basis, but our body needs more frequent tuning than a car!

You can use any of your favourite fruits to make a glass of goodness that will cleanse your body thoroughly. It will make you feel good after drinking this pure goodness! I am sure everyone knows how to make smoothie – fruits of your choice + little crushed ice. The one that I made was Strawberries & Orange smoothie. I love this combination. Having said this, there are many good combinations that I love.

If you plan to sleep in a little this weekend and have selections of fruits in your fridge, why don’t you indulge yourself with a glass that smoothie that’s too good to resist?