Restaurant Review: The Capital Restaurant


I struggled to choose a nice and good standard restaurant for Sunday lunch as most them that I shortlisted are closed on Sundays. After all the phone calls, I crossed off some of them on my list. Left with one that I finally thought would be the one to go. A 2 Michelin-Star restaurant, located in one of the nicest part of the West End, that offers a reasonably priced 3-course lunch that sounds pretty impressive. I believe in my choice, so, I booked a table for 3.

It was slightly more than 2 weeks ago that we went to The Capital Restaurant for a special lunch. I said special because it was for Arnaud’s mom birthday. I did actually check the menu before I decided to book. I always make sure I do this before I book a restaurant.

It wasn’t a very busy Sunday, most probably because it was Bank Holiday. We were greeted by a friendly waiter and then led to our table.

Each of us got the lunch menu in our hands. Within seconds, I knew what I was going to have. (Having read it before hand for a few times) However, I did have to admit that I was contemplating to either have Rabbit or Fish. Both sounded really good to me. After a few minutes, we all knew what we wanted. Later, the sommelier ran through some of our choices of wine and we then settled with a bottle of Red Bordeaux.

We started with an amuse bouche of Lobster Consommé. This had tempted my appetite, wanting to eat more. Casual chat took place while we were waiting for our entrée. Soon, the waiters presented our entrée in front of us. I had Home Cured ‘Treacle’ Salmon with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab. In fact, we all had the same. Absolutely delicious as this dish contained all my favourites! The salmon is really special, never tasted anything like it before. Two thumbs up!

For the main, my decision finally was to have Roasted Leg of Rabbit with ‘Tian Provençale’. The meat was so tender and juicy. It was served a tiny tortellini by the side. How pretty that was!

Dessert was the crucial part as I had told the restaurant manager to do something special on the plate as it was Arnaud’s mom birthday. As the dessert was presented to her, it came with a lit candle. She was surprised and happy. I chose to have Caramel Moelleux, Jivara Mousse with Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was pretty nice but not one of the best desserts that I have had.



However, I must admit that the overall lunch was wonderful – good food, a special day with great company.

So, what do I think of The Capital Restaurant? I personally think it’s surely a 2 Michelin-Star restaurant. The service was great, the food was delicious. Moreover, the lunch is reasonably priced. Overall rating, 8.5/10.


Tel: 44 (0)20 7589 5171 Fax: 44 (0)20 7225 0011