Yes! I am back from Montpellier. It’s just too quick. It was a real good experience to discover a new city. Montpellier is situated in the South of France and blessed with Mediterranean coast. The laid back of the city can easily be recognised by seeing no Immigration officer at the Immigration Control after 5 minutes of wait in the queue.

We then took a 20-minute bus ride to the city centre. The city looked quite deserted and I started to ask why. I was then reminded that it was Friday and most of the people were at work or at school, thus not many were hanging around in the city.

We did a quick tour of the university Arnaud previously attended. Not to forget where he used to stay. We then made a stroll to the centre of the city. We were pretty good in killing our time until we met Daniel, Arnaud’s friend for lunch at the Cafe Z. Our lunch lasted for more than 2 hours which was quite amazing. This time to France, I feel that my level of understanding in French has improved – a good sign.

It was then shopping spree after lunch. I was glad that I got myself a pair of nice walking shoes and a nice pull over!

The night fell at about 7pm and we headed to a cafe for apéro before our dinner at Les Bains. At Les Bains, I had chosen to have a 3-course dinner, which turned out to be such a big dinner that I found it hard to walk! I was so full. The portion was big for entrée, not to mention the main and the desserts too!!