Malaysian BBQ Pork Jerky & Chicken Floss Sandwiches


It is amazing how the food of  my childhood makes me happy! My last trip back to Malaysia, I brought back with me some BBQ Pork Jerky and Chicken Floss. Now, these two terms may be a little new to non-Asians. Known as Bakkwa or Ba Gua in Hokkien dialect (Mandarin: Rou Gan 肉干), is a meat jerky that usually comes in square and flat form. Chicken and pork are two popular meat used. It has a salty-sweet taste, as it is cooked over charcoal grilled that gives it a nice shiny deep caramel colour. Particularly in Malaysia and Singapore, Bakkwa is a popular gift to be offered to relatives and friends during Chinese New Year.

Chicken floss or pork floss. What is it? Chicken or pork floss is made from stewed meat, which then shredded so thinly and dry cooked in a wok until it is completely dry and seasoning is added. It has fluffy texture which can almost melt in the mouth! Chicken or pork floss is often used as topping for dishes like congee or noodles. Or eat as a snack!

I adore both BBQ pork jerky and chicken floss. When I saw Eating Asia’s post about The Winson Berger, it straight away reminded me my favourite way of making sandwiches when I was young! Using both BBQ pork jerky and chicken floss, cucumber and chili sauce – that was exactly how I used to make it! I used normal sliced white or brown bread, sometimes, bread rolls. I decided to make this last weekend for lunch using poppy seeds bread rolls. It tasted exactly like how it used to – slight crunch of the cucumber, sweet and salty pork jerky and ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ chicken floss. Heaven!


So, it was more of a luxury version of using both BBQ pork jerky and chicken floss. There is another version that I love, because of its simplicity. It is just grilled bread, spread with butter and filled with lots of chicken floss! You don’t need anything else. The flavours and slight crunch of the chicken floss with a hint of butter, make the best ingredients for sandwiches! It couldn’t have been easier to make sandwiches! It’s amazing how easy and tasty and I think I am going to finish eating my chicken floss this way!



Malaysian BBQ Pork Jerky & Chicken Floss Sandwiches

Yield: 2 persons


2 bread rolls, halved
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp chili sauce
8 slices cucumber
2 sliced BBQ pork jerky, cut into medium squares
2-3 tbsp chicken floss


1. Toast slices of bread. Spread butter on each.

2. Put slices of cucumber. Then, topped with BBQ pork jerky. Spoon over enough of chili sauce before sprinkle chicken floss on the top to finish.