Make Malaysia Your Travel Destination in 2008!


I am proud to let everyone out there know that Visit Malaysia 2007 continues with Visit State Year 2008. What delights me is that my state – Kedah, also the state where Malaysia 4th Prime Minister,Tun Dr. Mathathir bin Mohamad was born.

Kedah is situated in the Northwestern part of the country, borders with Thailand in the Northeast. It is known as the rice bowl of Malaysia due to vast rice fields found in the state. Not only that, it is also blessed with a famous destination called Langkawi – an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea.

Apart from KedahKelantan and Terengganu are the other two states are hosting Visit State Year 2008. These are another two very cultural states and blessed with nice islands in the South China Sea, particularly Terengganu. Whereas Kelantan, not too famous for its islands but lush with paddy fields and fishing villages.

If you plan to travel to the South East Asia some time this year, why don’t you make Malaysia your destination? You will find some useful information if you plan to visit Malaysia. For more information: Tourism Malaysia website