Hello Sun, Here We Come!


“Winds of up to 82mph (130km/h) have brought down trees in Wales and south-west England and left 10,000 homes without electricity.” That was the headline two days ago on the BCC weather website. I checked some pictures online on the affected areas and I could tell how powerful mother earth is.

London wasn’t affected much by the storm, well, not in the area we live though. Having said that, some train lines were delayed. It wasn’t a pleasant Monday for most of the commuters.

Most of the city workers were battling with their umbrellas while making their ways to work, especially on London Bridge and Tower Bridge. That applied to me too! Just 5 minutes after we left the flat, our umbrellas were violently torn apart by a gust of strong wind even before we were on Tower Bridge! Can you imagine how violent the wind was? I have never experienced anything like it, not where I come from though!

Gazing at the grey sky with low clouds, uh uh, this is not a sign of the Spring approaching! Even the trees got confused. A few trees were near to full bloom but with this kind of weather, I believe it cuts short their life span.

Oh well, enough of whinging! In less than 8 hours, we are going to fly to a paradise – a paradise of food, warmth, shopping, sight-seeing and lots of outdoor activities for our holidays. How interesting!! I have been waiting for this since…erm… Christmas?!

Yes, I have already packed my luggage and we are travelling very light. One suitcase full of pressies, can you imagine? Well, it wasn’t a big suitcase. That means I will then have the whole entire suitcase for my own pressies! *LOL*

I shall catch up with you all soon. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting updates!