Get Your Jelly On – Day 3: Méli Mélo de Fruits


3rd day of the Royal Selangor – Get Your Jelly On – 30-day Challenge! Am I tired of using the Royal Selangor Pewter Jelly Mould? Not just yet! In fact, I personally think October is really going to fly pass so quickly and I will be so occupied. If you are interested to try out my recipes so far and would like to get your hands on the mould, you get could the jelly mould here, proceeds from the sale of the jelly mould go towards the Breast Cancer Welfare Association in aid of their continuous efforts to raise awareness and support for breast cancer.

After the steamed Brit pudding of spotted dick and a Malaysian dish of yellow sticky rice, curry chicken & potato and boiled eggs on pyramid – a warm dessert then a savoury dish. What I have in store today is called Méli Mélo de Fruits, which uses the technique of chilling! Méli Mélo is a French word, which means mix or stir. In short, Méli Mélo de Fruits literally means “mix of fruits”. I thought it would be suitable as I have chosen to use different types of berries. The top section of the jelly is made of strawberry coulis and the bottom section is sparkling raspberry & lemon soda with some whole mixed berries, such as raspberries and blueberries. Decorated with some mint leaves too! I have to admit that I probably should have chilled it a little bit more ( I was impatience)! This whole challenge has allowed me to learn so much!


fruis-jelly-meli-melo raspberry-lemon-soda

Méli Mélo de Fruits

Yield: 2 persons


Strawberry coulis jelly:
14 strawberries
2 tbsp caster sugar
1tsp lemon juice
3g gelatin
2 tbsp hot water

Raspberry & lemon soda jelly:
1 tsp gelatin powder
2 tbsp hot water
200ml raspberry & lemon soda
a small handful of mixed berries, such as raspberries, blue berries, black raspberries..etc
a few mint leaves


1. Wash and dry strawberries, then hull. Place in a food processor with sugar and lemon juice and whizz until the sauce is glossy and the sugar has dissolved. Pour the sauce through a fine sieve over a bowl, stirring with the back of a wooden spoon. Taste for sweetness, and adjust the sugar accordingly. Sprinkle the gelatine powder into 2 tablespoon of hot water in a bowl to bloom, stir to dissolve.

2. Pour the gelatine mixture into the strawberry coulis, stir well. Pour the coulis mixture until the jelly mould is 3/4 full. Put in the fridge to chill for 4 – 5 hours.

3. To prepare the raspberry & lemon jelly, sprinkle the gelatine powder into a 2 tablespoon of water in a bowl to bloom, stir to dissolve. Add to the raspberry & lemon soda, stir well. When the strawberry coulis jelly is set, put in the mixed berries and mint leaves, top up with raspberry & lemon soda. Continue to chill for 4 – 5 hours until set.