Get Your Jelly On – Day 14: Kuih Lapis


Exactly 2 week into  Royal Selangor – Get Your Jelly On– 30-day Challenge! The recipe that is intended for today’s post didn’t quite work out.  Thus, I had to shuffle around for Kuih Lapis.


Kuih (also kueh, kue, or kway; from Hokkien: 粿 koé) are bite-sized snack or dessert foods found in the Malay Archipelago as well as the Southern China provinces of Fujian and Canton. Kuih is a fairly broad term which may include items that would be called cakes, cookies, dumplings, pudding, biscuit, or pastries in English and are usually made from rice or glutinous rice. Kuih are more often steamed than baked, and thus very different in texture, flavour and appearance from Western cakes or puff pastries. Many kuihs are sweet, but some are savoury. (Wikipedia)

Traditionally, kuih lapis has 9 layers. But I only made 7 layers. Well, I was pressed for time and it took quite some time to steam each layer and get it set. So, I skipped 2 layers. Kuih lapis is truly something that reminds me of my childhood. I remember my mom used to buy a lot of kuihs in the morning and we used to have them as breakfast! The joy of eating kuih lapis is to eat it layer by layer – peeling each layer and eat!  A very beautiful kuih and of course fun to eat too! I got really excited when my kuih lapis looks and tastes exactly like what I tasted back home!



Kuih Lapis



180g rice flour
150ml water
180g sugar
350ml water
2 panda leaves, knotted
200ml coconut milk
1/8 tsp salt
1-2 drops red colouring


1. Combine the rice flour and water in a mixing bowl. Set aside to soak for 1 hour.

2. Meanwhile, make the syrup. Boil together the sugar, water and panda leaves t dissolve the sugar. Leave to cool slightly, about 15 minutes.

3. Add the sugar syrup, coconut milk and salt to the soaked rice flour in the mixing bowl. Mix well. Sieve and divide the batter into two. Colour one portion with red colouring. Pour about 6-7 tablespoons of the red mixture to a small bowl and another 1-2 drops of red colouring for more intense colour.

4. Heat up a steamer. Line the jelly mould with grease proof paper or banana leave and heat for 5 minutes in the steamer. Pour about 2 – 3 tablespoons of the darker red colour mixture into the jelly mould. Steam for about 8 minutes or until set. Then, pour a few more tablespoons of the white mixture and steam for 8 minutes. Continue the process until the jelly mould is full. Make sure each layer is steamed and set properly.

5. Cool completely before serving.