Caramelised Pineapple Cake


I don’t bake a lot but my other half loves sweets and desserts. I think I mentioned before that he bakes more frequent than I do. So, when he bakes, my job is to make sure the kitchen stays clean and tidy. While the cake is in the oven, I prepare the set up for photos shooting. Well, that really makes a change as most of the time, I prepare, cook, set up for photo shooting, pretty up the dish, take the shots and tidy up the kitchen. So, when I am not cooking, that cuts down my tasks and I just have to concentrate taking photos, which is pretty cool. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like to eat cake but it also depends what sort of cake. I don’t like cakes with icing and too much cream. I like cakes with fruits and not too sweet. One cake that has got me addicted has to be Caramelised Pineapple Cake! I like caramel and love pineapple, even the sound of it makes me drool.

Not too long ago, I was helping out in the kitchen, baking caramelised pineapple cake. It is one of the most delicious cakes that I don’t mind to bake and eat for the second time! A few things that I like about this cake. First, slices of pineapple that are soaked with caramel. Second, the cake is moistened with pineapple juice/syrup once it’s cooked. Last but not least, it’s not too sweet. All these are the reasons I fall for this simple yet delicious caramelised pineapple cake!ย I definitely think you should give it a go!

Caramelised Pineapple Cake



150g butter
150g flour
150g sugar
3 eggs
3g yeast
1 can pineapple (can also use fresh pineapple, about 5-6 slices)
60ml pineapple juice


1. Mixed melted butter with sugar. Beat until the mixture turns pale.

2. Put in eggs, one at a time. Then, put in flour and yeast. Mix well.

3. Meanwhile, make caramel in a pot. Then pour it into a round cake mould.

4. Arrange pineapple slices on top of the caramel. Then, pour in the cake mixture.

5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180ยฐC for 30 minutes.

6. Once cooked, pour pineapple juice/syrup over the cake. Leave to cool.

7. Get a serving plate larger than the cake mould. Put the plate on top of the mould, then quickly, carefully and confidently turn it out.