Seri Kaya (Coconut Jam)

It’s 20/12. All I could say is time flies! It was probably about 2 weeks ago we were busy shopping for presents and getting everything wrapped nicely. Today, we have got all the presents packed in the luggage and ready to go. Where to? Off to France to celebrate Christmas!

Finally, I made sure that I got all I needed, ticked off my to-do list printed in my memory. This year, I thought I would bring a bottle of homemade jam to France. You might think, why that? Confiture/Jam, they have loads there. But, it’s a very uncommon jam (in this part of the world I would assume) that I’ve made, which I believe will be seen as something new to the family.

It’s my all time favourite! It’s something that I remember mom spending at least more than 1 hour making it. So, this homemade jam, more known as Kaya or Sri Kaya/Seri Kaya. What’s that? Literally, Kaya means rich in Malay. In this instance, kaya/sri kaya/seri kaya is a jam made with coconut, eggs, sugar and infused with pandan leaves (screw pine leaves). To translate in French, I just simply call it Confiture de Coco. Well, not quite but that will do!

In Malaysia, kaya/sri kaya/seri kaya is commonly eaten with toasts, alongside with a cup of long black Malaysian coffee. If you go to any coffee shops, it is always on the daily menu. Not a coffee drinker myself, I would have it with a cup of black tea, no sugar.

No, I didn’t spend ages in the kitchen making kaya/sri kaya/seri kaya. Overall, it took me 30 minutes or less. I have to admit that this doesn’t change the taste nor texture of  kaya/sri kaya/seri kaya at all. My kaya/sri kaya/seri kaya tastes as good as the one that takes longer to make. Well, this improved recipe was given to my mom by a friend. I call this Express Kaya or Kaya Express! (Yeah, I wish I could get rich instantly, LOL!)

Well, I personally think that it is a good idea to make this in order to bring the taste of Malaysia to France. I hope the sweetness and uniqueness flavour of Confiture de Coco will bring everyone a Merry KAYA Christmas!